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November Randolph Neighborhood Association (RNA) meeting highlights

1. Mr. Sean Miller, VP of Operations for the Boys and Girls Club, discussed the pending sale of 1301 Winder Street, expressing his desire to see this building benefit the Randolph community. He indicated that various entities have inquired about the property, including VCU. However, this option is not currently being considered. Rev. Michael Moore of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church was present and indicated that his congregation is currently exploring the purchase of the property. This is one possible location they’ve considered as they seek to expand their ministry efforts in the Randolph neighborhood. Councilman Agelasto and Mr. Thad Williamson (the director of the Office of Community Wealth Building) were also present, suggesting possible uses similar to that of the Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton.

2. Councilman Agelasto and 5th District liaison, Ida Jones provided updates regarding the Idlewood roundabout, the 5th District Holiday Party (Wednesday, December 10, 6:30 pm at the VA War Memorial), and the construction of a new entrance at Maymont. Regarding the roundabout, the project’s current plans have been sent back to the UDC due to some small design changes. It will need to go before the planning commission one last time to receive final approval. Sidewalk improvements along Idlewood near the roundabout have been included in the final plan.

3. On behalf the Johannas Design Group, Mrs. Johannas, came to answer questions about Tribeca: Phase 2. Mrs. Johannas explained why the project is likely to attract owner-occupants and addressed parking concerns. She also indicated that construction is slated to start in December 2014. Because the project did not require rezoning, it did not have to go before the planning commission.

4. Mr. Larry Davis of Randolph Community Center introduced himself as the new program director. Mr. Davis runs the “outside of school” program where kids are introduced to the arts, receive help with their homework, have access to the gym, and participate in healthy lifestyle initiatives.

5. Officer Marshall of the RPD gave updates regarding crime (an overall decrease from last year) and reminded neighbors to be cautious about leaving items in their cars and leaving packages on their porch.

6. Officer Felton of VCU indicated that their has been 4 evictions in the Randolph neighborhood and that they are working on several more. One of these evictions led to a sizable confiscation of drugs. Residents were thankful for these efforts.

7. Tito Luna of VCU introduced residents to the office of Institutional Equity and Community Engagement. They are looking to do a survey on VCU’s impact on the surrounding community.  Dr. Peyton McCoy, the RNA’s VCU liaison, will be reaching out to residents with more information.

8. RVA Clean Sweep plans to clean Grayland Avenue on Dec 6 in light of all of the leaves. Be sure to sign up for the event on Nextdoor!

Johannas Design Group releases conceptual drawings

On August 25, 2014 the David Johannas Design group hosted a special meeting for property owners who live within roughly 500-600 feet of the proposed second phase of the Tribeca Brownstone project to discuss their concerns. Councilman Agelasto and Denise Vice from the RRHA were present.

In preparation for the RNA meeting on September 15, Mr. Johannas provided conceptual drawings of the plans (see below).

Overall, neighbors have expressed concerns that the new project will usher in more transient student renters who lack a strong track record of contributing to the long-term interests and well-being of the community.

Any additional questions or concerns can be addressed to Mr. Johannas directly at 804.358.4993 or dave [at] johannasdesign.com.

Conceptual Drawings

2014 house designs-Arch D (24 x 36) presentation

2014 house designs-Arch D (24 x 36) presentation (2)



David Johannas Design Group to be working on projects in Randolph

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 8.51.27 PM

The David Johannas Design group has informed the Randolph Neighborhood Association that they plan to continue working in the neighborhood. They originally designed the Tribeca Townhomes and pictures of other projects can be found on their website: http://johannasdesign.com/ictownhouses.htm

Dave Johannas plans to re-introduce his design group at the September 15 RNA meeting to create space for ongoing dialogue.