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Updated Idlewood Roundabout construction schedule

Mike Sawyer, the new Transportation Engineer for the City of Richmond, and 5th District Councilman, Parker Agelasto, provided the following construction schedule update for the Idlewood Roundabout to the RNA (Randolph Neighborhood Association) on May 1, 2015:

Right of Way Completion, June 2015
Plan Completion, July 2015
Bid Advertisement, August 2015
Award Contract, October 2015
Start Construction, November 2015
Complete Construction, March 2016

Michael B. Sawyer, PE
City Transportation Engineer
w. 646.3435

Update on Idlewood Roundabout

From Councilman Agelasto / City Council Liaison Ida Jones on 1/26/15:

The roundabout proposal to provide westbound traffic along Idlewood Avenue between Oregon Hill and Randolph was approved by the Planning Commission. The project is slated to begin construction this Spring. The City Traffic Engineering Division is aware of the need to limit road closings.

After the water main break at S. Harrison Street, Cumberland Avenue, and Parkwood Avenue that has closed the streets for several weeks (slated to reopen February 2), many people have seen the need to provide additional traffic connectivity to areas south of the Downtown Expressway.

Idlewood roundabout plans enter final stages

A brief update from Thomas Flynn, The City of Richmond’s Transportation Engineer, on 12/1/2014:
” . . . . the final design approval for the roundabout was issued by the UDC [Urban Design Committee] and CPC [City Planning Commission].  We now can formally proceed with the right-of-way acquisition – small parcel from St. Andrews and memorandum of understanding for use of property from RMTA, then get VDOT approval so we can proceed to construction bid this, say, February.”

November Randolph Neighborhood Association (RNA) meeting highlights

1. Mr. Sean Miller, VP of Operations for the Boys and Girls Club, discussed the pending sale of 1301 Winder Street, expressing his desire to see this building benefit the Randolph community. He indicated that various entities have inquired about the property, including VCU. However, this option is not currently being considered. Rev. Michael Moore of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church was present and indicated that his congregation is currently exploring the purchase of the property. This is one possible location they’ve considered as they seek to expand their ministry efforts in the Randolph neighborhood. Councilman Agelasto and Mr. Thad Williamson (the director of the Office of Community Wealth Building) were also present, suggesting possible uses similar to that of the Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton.

2. Councilman Agelasto and 5th District liaison, Ida Jones provided updates regarding the Idlewood roundabout, the 5th District Holiday Party (Wednesday, December 10, 6:30 pm at the VA War Memorial), and the construction of a new entrance at Maymont. Regarding the roundabout, the project’s current plans have been sent back to the UDC due to some small design changes. It will need to go before the planning commission one last time to receive final approval. Sidewalk improvements along Idlewood near the roundabout have been included in the final plan.

3. On behalf the Johannas Design Group, Mrs. Johannas, came to answer questions about Tribeca: Phase 2. Mrs. Johannas explained why the project is likely to attract owner-occupants and addressed parking concerns. She also indicated that construction is slated to start in December 2014. Because the project did not require rezoning, it did not have to go before the planning commission.

4. Mr. Larry Davis of Randolph Community Center introduced himself as the new program director. Mr. Davis runs the “outside of school” program where kids are introduced to the arts, receive help with their homework, have access to the gym, and participate in healthy lifestyle initiatives.

5. Officer Marshall of the RPD gave updates regarding crime (an overall decrease from last year) and reminded neighbors to be cautious about leaving items in their cars and leaving packages on their porch.

6. Officer Felton of VCU indicated that their has been 4 evictions in the Randolph neighborhood and that they are working on several more. One of these evictions led to a sizable confiscation of drugs. Residents were thankful for these efforts.

7. Tito Luna of VCU introduced residents to the office of Institutional Equity and Community Engagement. They are looking to do a survey on VCU’s impact on the surrounding community.  Dr. Peyton McCoy, the RNA’s VCU liaison, will be reaching out to residents with more information.

8. RVA Clean Sweep plans to clean Grayland Avenue on Dec 6 in light of all of the leaves. Be sure to sign up for the event on Nextdoor!

Final UDC Idlewood roundabout application review on Nov 6, 10:00 am

From Councilman Agelasto:

Greetings . . . I am passing along notice of the Urban Design Committee meeting on November 6 at 10:00 am [in the 5th floor conference room of City Hall, 900 E. Broad Street] when the final design review will occur for the proposed Idlewood Avenue roundabout. Please note that this will still need Planning Commission approval once UDC has made their final recommendations.
All the best,
Parker C. Agelasto

The public notice letter sent to the Randolph Neighborhood Association by Mr. Jeff Eastman can be found here: UDC #14-30(2) public notice

DPW invites the public to review roundabout plans, will hold a public hearing upon written request

The following announcement was posted in the Oct 2-4 edition of the Richmond Free Press:


PPD submits review to UDC for roundabout approval

The Planning and Preservation Division review details the net loss of 12 parking spaces and the increased connectivity between Randolph and Oregon Hill as a result of the proposed roundabout. It also suggests improvements to sidewalks landscaping, and additional measures to strengthen current traffic calming plans. The full report can be found here: Staff Report to UDC

More details about Idlewood Round-a-bout released

From Mr. Jeff Eastman, senior land use planner at the City of Richmond:

Attached are the plans [for the Idlewood Round-a-about] as they stand now. [See the link below.] Sometimes there are modifications between now and the UDC [Urban Design Committee] meeting, but they are usually minor in scope. The UDC is considering this item conceptually at their meeting in September. Then plans would then be reviewed by the Planning Commission, and later would come back before both bodies in a final review stage. This allows for a total of 4 public meetings and time to make modifications to the plans if necessary. . . . The Urban Design Committee allows 5 minutes of public comment time per individual; the Planning Commission allows 3 minutes each. . . . .This allows them time to understand the concerns of citizens.

Mr. Eastman also indicated that it is customary for civic associations to send a coordinated response prior to the Urban Design Committee review. In response,  the Randolph Neighborhood Association will be compiling feedback on the below plans up until Tuesday, September 2. Comments can be directed towards randolphrva [at ] gmail.com.

. . . .

Preliminary drawings produced by Kimley-Horn can be found here: 2014-30 plans

UDC to review Round-a-bout design on Sept 4


From Councilman Agelasto:

Please note that the next UDC [Urban Design Committee] meeting will held on September 4 at 10:00 am in the 5th Floor Conference Room at City Hall. There are several items on the agenda that are important to your civic associations. These include design review of the Carytown gateway sign, the conceptual review of the roundabout at Idlewood Avenue between Oregon Hill and Randolph, as well as the conceptual review of the Floyd Avenue Bike Boulevard proposal. Please note that the “conceptual” review is the initial review. All items are required to be presented again for a “final” review taking into account any of the design recommendations made by this committee. There is limited time for public comment at UDC hearings. Beyond community meetings, this is the first formal setting to discuss the bike boulevard and roundabout proposals. I working to have an additional community meeting on the proposed Idlewood Avenue roundabout soon.
Parker C. Agelasto
Richmond City Council, 5th District

See the official letter from the UDC here: UDC#14-30 public notice

Updated Traffic Data released for Idlewood Roundabout

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.22.00 PM

From Ashley Lickliter at Kimley-Horn:

Please find attached (IdlewoodAve_DataComparison) the additional traffic data collected for the Idlewood Roundabout project from Saturday, April 26, 2014 through Tuesday, April 29, 2014.  This traffic data was collected while VCU was in session and Wicked was at the Altria Theater including two shows on Saturday, two shows on Sunday, and one show on Tuesday.
Traffic volumes for Tuesday, April 29th from 5:00 – 6:00 PM were appropriately 18% higher in comparison to the volume data collected on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 (the data utilized for the traffic analysis).  This increase would be attributable to the show and could be expected for similar events.  All other peak hours show negligible increases or in some instances decreases in traffic volumes.   Additionally all weekend data showed lower volumes than either weekday AM and PM peak traffic volumes.
An 18% increase in traffic volumes during the PM peak would not be enough to changes the results or recommendations of the traffic operational analysis.  Additionally you may recall that the AM peak is actually busier than the PM peak for this study area.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We would be happy to discuss further at your convenience.