More details about Idlewood Round-a-bout released

From Mr. Jeff Eastman, senior land use planner at the City of Richmond:

Attached are the plans [for the Idlewood Round-a-about] as they stand now. [See the link below.] Sometimes there are modifications between now and the UDC [Urban Design Committee] meeting, but they are usually minor in scope. The UDC is considering this item conceptually at their meeting in September. Then plans would then be reviewed by the Planning Commission, and later would come back before both bodies in a final review stage. This allows for a total of 4 public meetings and time to make modifications to the plans if necessary. . . . The Urban Design Committee allows 5 minutes of public comment time per individual; the Planning Commission allows 3 minutes each. . . . .This allows them time to understand the concerns of citizens.

Mr. Eastman also indicated that it is customary for civic associations to send a coordinated response prior to the Urban Design Committee review. In response,  the Randolph Neighborhood Association will be compiling feedback on the below plans up until Tuesday, September 2. Comments can be directed towards randolphrva [at ]

. . . .

Preliminary drawings produced by Kimley-Horn can be found here: 2014-30 plans

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