VCU Posts Welcome Week Events (Aug 18-23)

From Tito Luna, VCU’s Neighborhood Outreach Director:

Please find attached a flier to VCU’s neighbors from the VCU’s Student Commons and Activities. [. . . ]
[The Monday, Aug 18] event is a huge icebreaker for incoming freshmen to meet other students. It will likely be over closer to 9:30. There will be someone on a microphone and music will be played intermittently. I have been told that any sound associated with all three events will be directed away from residential areas.
If you have any questions leading up to the events, there is an email address and contact number on the flier. VCU Police will be on hand. As a reminder, their non-emergency number is 828-1196.
Finally, we look forward to the community joining VCU on Saturday, August 23 for First Ram Saturday: Food Truck A Palooza!
Thank you.


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One response to “VCU Posts Welcome Week Events (Aug 18-23)

  1. Thank you for sharing. There have been a couple of changes. Monday’s event (Playfair) has been moved to the Siegel Center due to the high probability of rain on Monday. Food Truck A Palooza will begin at 4:00, not 3:00. Thank you.