City Snow Emergency Routes Are In Effect

For Immediate Release    –    Monday, February 16, 2015
Contact:  Tammy Hawley
(804) 646- 3110                                                                                          

City Snow Emergency Routes Go Into Effect at 5:00 Today

Richmond, VA – The National Weather Service is predicting snow accumulations of between 8 and 10 inches. Additionally, high temperatures for each day are not forecasted to reach above freezing throughout the week. Ahead of the anticipated snow accumulation the City is providing this information to local residents.

  • The City will work to clear all priority one and priority two roads within 48 hours.
  • Be cognizant of signs posted in designated Snow Routes. Parking is prohibited in those areas and towing will be enforced (see below list of routes).
  • When your street is plowed, there is a chance your driveway will become blocked. It is not the city’s responsibility to remove that blockage.
  • The city will begin assessing potholes immediately following the snow event. Before asphalt is applied to potholes, the temperature must be above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The following is a list of major streets, which have permanently installed snow emergency route signs to restrict parking during snow removal tasks. These are considered the snow emergency routes, which will receive priority for snow clearance/hauling.

1) Broad Street (both sides), between Belvidere Street and 2nd Street
2) Broad Street (south side), between 8th Street and 14th Street
3) Broad Street (north side), between 12th Street and 8th Street
4) 8th Street (west side), between Leigh Street and Cary Street
5) 8th Street (east side), between Broad Street and Main Street
6) 7th Street (east side), between Canal Street and Marshall Street
7) 7th Street (west side), between Canal Street and Broad Street
8) Franklin Street (south side), between Stuart Circle and 9th Street
9) Franklin Street (north side), between Adams Street and 6th Street
10) Main Street (south side), between 25th Street and Belvidere Street
11) Main Street (north side), between 21st Street and Belvidere Street
12) Cary Street (south side), between Laurel Street and 10th Street
13) Cary Street (south side), between 13th Street and 14th Street
14) Cary Street (south side), between Thompson Street and Boulevard
15) Marshall Street (south side), between Belvidere Street and 5th Street
16) Semmes Avenue (both sides), between 19th Street and Forest Hill Avenue
17) Mechanicsville Turnpike (both sides), between Fairfield Avenue and Cool Lane
18) Chamberlayne Avenue (both sides), between Westminster Avenue and Azalea Avenue


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