Great news for John B. Cary! 2014-2015 SOL results show positive gains.

From Thad Williamson, Director of the Mayor’s office for Community Wealth Building, on the JBC PTA Facebook group:

“. . . John B. Cary showed improvements in every area compared to 2013-14:

  • Reading pass rate increased from 63% to 72%;
  • History and Social Sciences from 73% to 92%;
  • Math from 84 to 93%;
  • Science from 71% to 74%.

As a comparison at Fox,

  • reading pass score was 85%;
  • History and Social Sciences 89%;
  • Math 82%;
  • Science 90%.

The scores for African-American students at Cary are across the board higher than those of African-American students at Fox (and much higher in math in particular). . . . . overall it looks like Cary did really well on the tests.”

More information can be found on the DOE website:

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