Lock you doors and your sheds!


This is a reminder to secure you car doors and lock your sheds. Never leave anything valuable in plain sight in your car. We had several thefts from the neighborhood this past week. You can follow crimes on your smartphone by downloading the RAIDS Online app or visiting the website: www.raidsonline.com 

If you see anything suspicious, call 9-1-1 while it is happening. We are the eyes and ears for the police department especially when it comes to car and alley thefts. Calling a week later really isn’t helpful unless you have a lot of detail. If your car is rifled through but nothing stolen, still report it. It helps police track the path that may go in front of a home camera system.

Another useful smartphone app is Nextdoor.com. As with all apps adjust your email preferences in order to avoid an insane number of emails! Weekly digests are good.

Lastly, we are trying to rebuilding our neighborhood phone/email tree for neighborhood watch. Please take a moment to fill out this quick survey.

Take care,
Randolph Neighborhood Association

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