Multiple neighborhood yard sales, 4/8/17 – Byrd Park, Maymont, Randolph & Oregon Hill

map1The Byrd Park, Maymont, Oregon Hill, & Randolph neighborhoods are having multiple yard sales on Saturday, April 8. See the yard sale map with address and times. Sixteen yard sales are posted on the map — and there may be more. No early birds! Tell your friends and neighbors.

Addresses, times and items:

  • 2105 Rosewood Avenue 7am-12pm
    Tools, clothing, furniture, home decor, miscellaneous
  • 2127 Rosewood Avenue 8am-12pm
    Books, garden tools, misc household items
  • 2125 Rosewood Avenue 8am-12pm
    Furniture, clothes, etc. 
  • 1807 Rosewood Avenue 8am-12pm
  • 1722 Blair Street 8am-12pm
    Bed frame, furniture, bikes, clothes, jackets, wagon, shot glasses
  • 1707 Winder Street 8am-1pm
    Art, clothes, household items
  • 2310 Maplewood Avenue 8am-1pm
    Women’s accessories, clothes. Furniture, electronics, housewares!
  • 1100 block of Eggleston Street 8am-12pm (possibly more than one house)
    Books, clothes, vintage goods, art, art & craft supplies, misc.
  • 1810 Carter St 8am-12pm
    Kitchen supplies, kids stuff, furniture, gardening supplies
  • 1515 Georgia Ave 8am-12pm
    Music Equipment, books, miscellaneous items
  • 1714 Georgia Avenue 8am-12pm
    Furniture, eclectic mix
  • 1612 Greenville Avenue 8am-1pm
    Baby gear, toys, bike parts, room decor, household items, picture frames, wall hangings
  • 612 S. Laurel Street 8am-12pm
    Books, music, household items, yard items
  • 430 S. Laurel Street 8am-1pm
    CDs, books, kids toys, clothes shoes
  • 611 S Pine Street 8am-12pm
    Male and female clothes, kitchen appliances, bike, dresser, desk
  • 821 Albemarle Street, unit B 8am-12pm
    Lots of clothing! Interesting little things, wall decor, hair/beauty products, some furniture

A thanks to our neighborhood associations and residents for making this happen.

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