Randolph residents considering restrictive parking permits

What: Randolph restrictive parking permits meeting

When: On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at the Randolph Community Center, 1415 Grayland Avenue, Richmond, VA.

Why now? The Oregon Hill neighborhood is moving forward with their restrictive parking in the Fall. This will leave Randolph as the only non-restricted parking surrounding VCU.

This will be the first Restrictive Parking Meeting for the eastern side of Randolph. The goal of this meeting is to determine the scope of the restrictive area, time, hours, number of permits per households, and to start the petition process.

Currently area being considered is Grayland to Claiborne along Harrison THEN west to Randolph Street.

Currently, neighbors in the area without off street parking have a hard time with parking. Again, this is the first a few meetings. Updates will be provided during the regular quarterly meeting too.

If you are interested in helping craft the parking area please get involved early on. The petition cannot change once signatures are collected. If so, the signatures will need to be collected again.

Read more about parking in the City of Richmond, here.

(Image below is example, courtesy of the City of Richmond. Actual parking restriction options and rules will be discussed in meetings).


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