Let’s build a phone tree!

Randolph Neighbors – let’s build a phone tree! We love the idea of bringing back block parties and hanging out with our neighbors. Please click on the following link for fill out the quick survey: PHONE TREE LINK


National Night Out – Tuesday, August 2nd

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Police to conduct active shooter training exercise on Monroe Park Campus

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The Virginia Commonwealth University and City of Richmond police departments will conduct an active shooter training exercise Wednesday, Aug. 3, on the Monroe Park Campus.

VCU Police Chief John Venuti emphasized the need for training on campus given that active shooter incidents continue to be a threat to communities nationwide.

“Active shooter incidents are a threat that is not going away and campus law enforcement agencies need to prepare for them,” said Venuti. “By training with Richmond Police on a VCU campus we’re working on critical interoperability needs that arise in these crisis situations.”

The daylong exercise consists of a simulated emergency in which a single shooter is inside the Shafer Street Playhouse. The exercise will be realistic, with simulated sounds inside the building, including gunfire and crowd panic.

This training gives police the opportunity to practice a coordinated response to a VCU building, which is critical in an active shooter incident.

Multiple communications, including a mass mail to the VCU community and social media posts, are being issued in advance of the exercise to increase awareness. There will be two road closures and limited pedestrian traffic in and around the playhouse between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

  • Franklin Street will be closed between Harrison and Laurel streets from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Vehicle access will be closed to Shafer Street between Franklin and Grace streets during the same time.
  • The area around the Shafer Street Playhouse will be clearly marked with signs and security officers will be on-site to answer questions and direct pedestrian traffic.
  • Pedestrian traffic between Franklin Street and the Shafer Street Playhouse will be closed intermittently while the exercise is in session.
The Shafer Street Playhouse.

Sad News

Long time Randolph resident Ms. Marian Jones’ son has passed away after a long illness.  The viewing will be held at Wilson’s Funeral Home, on Monday August 1, 2016  from 12 noon to 8 pm.  The funeral service will be Tuesday, August 2nd at 11:00 am.  Wilson’s Funeral Home is located at 5008 Nine Mile Road, Richmond, VA 23223, phone number 804-221-1720.

Please keep Ms. Marian and her family in your prayers.

Sharing is Caring

Dear Randolph Neighbors,

We are looking for neighbors who would like to provide content for the Randolph website and this weekly digest. This does not mean 500 word essays!

Do you know of a cool event happening in or nearby? Would you like to share some history from the area? Would you like to throw a block party and let your neighbors know? Education on native plants? Trees? Or bicycle safety? Congratulating a Randolph honor roll student? Kids getting accepted or graduating from college? All of these are great things to share with your neighbors.

Please email your blurb to randolphrva(at)gmail.com. If you would like to help us update the website, please be sure to express interested in that too!

Thank you,
Randolph Neighborhood Association

Contra Flow Bike Lane on Grayland Avenue

The city has come to several Randolph Neighborhood Association meetings and contacted neighbors along Grayland Ave over the past few years. RNA supports the increased safety for bicyclists within Randolph. The changes are slated for this fall. We can answer questions at our September 19th meeting. Below is the initial description provided. We will send out additional information soon.

Grayland Avenue Bike Lane Improvements
(Between Addison St. and Harrison St.)

“The City of Richmond has a goal to incorporate bicycling and walking as viable methods of transportation on city streets. The Mayor’s Community Wealth Building initiative, the Mayor’s Healthy Richmond initiative, the Mayor’s Pedestrian, Bicycle and Trails Commission, the city’s Strategic Multi-modal Transportation Plan (Richmond Connects) and the city’s Bike Master Plan all support more bike infrastructure such as bike lanes in

Many roadways in urban areas were originally built without bike lanes. These roadways often act as deterrents to bicycle travel and may cause conflicts between bicyclists and motorists. Other U.S. cities comparable to the Richmond region far surpass us in the miles of bicycle infrastructure.

We feel the needs of cyclists can be accommodated on Grayland Avenue by striping the existing roadway to add a Westbound contra-flow bike lane and sharrow markings Eastbound. A contra-flow lane allows safe two-way bike traffic on a one-way street. Grayland frequently has bicyclists riding against traffic due to the direct and efficient travel and access that it affords between Byrd Park and the Randolph community. Adding a contra-flow lane will address the safety issues associated with this existing traffic pattern. Adequate parking spaces will remain. Bicycle guide signs will be added at key locations. Grayland’s width changes from 24’ to 32’ in several places.

Benefits of bike lanes:

Grayland Ave bike lane - fact sheet– Increases bicyclists’ comfort and confidence on busy streets

– Creates separation between bicycles and automobiles

– Increases predictability of bicyclist and motorist positioning and interaction

– Increase total capacities of streets carrying mixed bicycle and motor vehicles traffic

– Creates a connection to other bikeways and will help expand the city’s network to make it safer and easier for more people to get to work, school and other places

– Making cycling more widely accessible for people of all ages and abilities encourages more people to get active and creates a healthier community”


National Night Out 2016

Randolph will be holding its final NNO planning meeting tomorrow night (7/28) at 6:30pm in the Randolph Community Center.

We need help passing out the flyers below door to door. Please email randolphrva@gmail.com if you can take over your block. We will drop the flyers off at your door, if needed. We are also in need a few grills for the night of the event.

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Richmond Transit Network Plan Meetings

Hello Randolph RVA:

We wanted to let you know about the important work going on with the Richmond Transit Network Plan. With the upcoming opening of GRTC Pulse, the city has an opportunity to rethink its transit system with the new BRT service on Broad and Main Streets. The Richmond Transit Network Plan will serve as a blueprint to update the Richmond’s transit system and redesign bus routes in the city over the next few years.

Over the past couple of months our team has been hard at work developing concepts to redesign the City’s bus system. We recently released our concepts and now we’re asking for your thoughts. For an overview of the three concepts and what’s behind them read our blog post: “Visualizing Transit Choices”.

You can learn a lot more at our Concepts Overview page and compare how the concepts affect your access to the city at our Compare page. At this stage of the plan we are asking you to weigh how these concepts fit your priorities for the City’s transit network. Do you want just a little change or a lot? Do you want to focus on reaching the most people even if it means less frequent service? Or do you want to concentrate service to get the highest ridership?

Let us know by attending one of our eight public meetings (details below) or complete our online survey available on our home page: http://www.richmondtransitnetwork.com.

We invite you to attend one of our upcoming public meetings! All meetings are from 6-8PM with a presentation at 7PM

  • August 3 at Powhatan Community Center, 5051 Northampton Street
  • August 4 at Community High School, 201 East Brookland Park Boulevard
  • August 8 at Fairfield Boys and Girls Club, 2506 Phaup Street
  • August 9 at Hillside Court Community Center, 1500 Harwood Street
  • August 10 at Mosby Court Community Center, 1543 Coalter Street
  • August 24 at Calhoun Community Center (Gilpin), 436 Calhoun Street

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks and we hope to see you at our upcoming meetings!


Scudder Wagg

Consultant Project Manager for Richmond Transit Network Plan


Randolph Neighborhood Association Meeting

The Randolph Neighborhood Association Meeting will take place on Monday, July 18th from 6:30pm-7:45pm at the Randolph Community Center (1415 Grayland Ave). All are welcome.

Agenda/Update Items:

  • Richmond Police Updates
  • VCU Police Updates
  • 5th District Updates
  • RRHA Vacant House Update
  • National Night Out – Tuesday, August 2nd
  • General Comments

Alley Cleanup

On Saturday, July 9th ten volunteers came out along with three city Department of Public Work employees and spent two hours clearing some of Randolph’s alleys of bulk items (furniture and yard waste). A majority of the work was focused in the middle of the neighborhood along Blair, Claiborne, and between Allen & Meadow.

If you still have bulk items for pickup you need to do one of the follow actions:

  • Call 3-1-1 and report the bulk item.
  • Download the free app SeeClick Fix onto your smartphone or tablet and report.
  • Use the city’s portal RVAOne to report the bulk item.

All three of the above options will put your bulk item into a queue for pickup. The average wait time is 4-6 weeks.

Want something faster? Talk to a family member, friend, or neighbor with a pickup truck or trailer. The city has two locations you can drop items off for FREE.

Richmond Southside Transfer Station

3520 North Hopkins Rd.
Hours:  Monday – Friday 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  and  Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Telephone: (804) 232-8488

Items received:

  • Yard waste
  • appliances
  • large items
  • tires with no rims, limit of four.  No off-road or oversized tires taken.


  • Glass bottles
  • cardboard
  • aluminum cans
  • newspapers

East Richmond Road Landfill & Convenience Center

3800 E. Richmond Road
Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday; closed weekends
Telephone: (804) 646-4706

Acceptable items:

  • Yard waste/brush (natural wood only; no plywood, treated wood, etc.)
  • Tires with no rims, limit of four (no off-road or oversized tires)
  • Small appliances

Unacceptable items:

  • No household waste/trash
  • No commercial or contractor items or debris
  • No large/bulk items (e.g. furniture)
  • No dirt, rocks or concrete