Input sought on the future of Binford

Abe Jeffers, the director of secondary schools, gave multiple presentations over the past two weeks (alongside of several school board members, including Mamie Taylor – 5th District, Glen Sturtevant – 1st District, and Jeffrey Bourne – 3rd District) about the future of Binford Middle School. The proposals discussed can be found in this PDF document: School Board Options (Binford). (The RTD captured Dr. Bedden’s reasons for why these options were announced in the first place.)

Now the school board is seeking input from the community regarding next steps via a five-minute, online survey:

In related news, the Richmond School Board recently announced that Binford will be given a turn-a-around consultant, as mandated by the Virginia Department of Education. This appears to be a continuation of the VDOE’s requirements from the previous academic school year.



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