Granicus gives access to RVA Government Meetings & More

Access RVA Gov. Meetings Agenda, Calenders, Etc.
The Richmond City Clerk’s Office has completed its transition to the Granicus Legistar system making access to meeting agendas and information more available. For the first time, citizens can see a centralized calendar of public meetings (please note that not all 72  have been set up at this time) that allows for easy navigation between agendas for the Planning Commission, Urban Design Committee, Public Arts Commission, as well as City Council formal and informal sessions and standing committees.

A citizen can now search the content of an ordinance or resolution or other paper and see the complete history of when and where the issue has been on an agenda and the minutes of the particular meeting. Likewise, a citizen can now access more of the supporting documentation such as site plans and letters of support/opposition to particular zoning matters.

Granicus is a significant change in how City Hall communicates with the public and how citizens can follow issues that are important to them. The City Clerk’s former tracking system will still be available and contains records dating back to the 1960s. Staff continue to work to digitize and upload old records so the public has access to this important archive.

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